Tweens & Technology - Volunteer Orientation Feb 2021

12 week Python Program Overview

This 12 week program uses CodeCombat’s new educational coding game, Ozaria; an adventure game where students play the hero in a quest to save the world from evil. Their knowledge of coding advances with the storyline, as they use code to complete mini-quests and challenges.
Each week, students will learn new concepts from expert instructors and then work with our volunteers as they apply these new concepts.
Students will attend twice a week (Saturdays at 10am and Wednesdays at 5pm)
– Saturday sessions are set up for the students to practice what they have learned.  
Wednesday sessions will be led by certified Python teachers so we have coverage on those sessions.

Training course schedule:

  • 12 weeks, 24 sessions total
  • Meet twice a week
  • First session:  Orientation – Saturday March 6 at 10am EST
  • Weekly schedule
    • Wednesday classes: Learn new concepts, apply concepts in game
    • Saturday classes: Play in Python portal, work on own game
Wednesdays session approx.1-hour (5-6pm EST)  | Saturdays sessions approx.  1-hour (10-11am EST)


Week 1- Concepts: Algorithms, Sequences, Problem Solving
Week 2- Concepts: Debugging, intro to objects, methods, arguments
Week 3- Capstone Project
Week 4- Concepts: Python Syntax
Week 5- Concepts: Variables
Week 6- Concepts: Conditionals
Week 7- Capstone Project
Week 8- Concepts: Data types
Week 9- Concepts: For Loops
Week 10- Concepts: Nesting
Week 11- Concepts: While Loops
Week 12- Capstone Project


Thank you for signing up!  Please select the dates you are available to volunteer.  The session will run from 10-11am EST each Saturday listed.

We request that you are available from 9:30am – 11:30am EST.