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Gamification is an effective way to educate children especially in the world of technology. Join us as we discuss this topic with leaders Charlotte Cheng and Julie Molnar from CodeCombat. They are using gamification as efficiently as anyone right now! We will also have a few Tweens & Technology students join us to discuss the impact gamification is having on their education.

Charlotte Cheng, CodeCombat Senior Curriculum Developer

With over 15 years of curriculum design experience, she has developed curriculum content for Wonder Workshop, the Walt Disney Company, Save the Children, LeapFrog, and several edtech startups. Her expertise is creating effective and engaging content for kids at the intersection of education, media, and technology. Charlotte has also taught in a variety of K-12 classroom settings and one of her workshops was featured on ABC News. She received her BS in cognitive science and MA in elementary education at Stanford University. In her spare time, Charlotte likes to draw on walls, sidewalks, faces, and once in a while, the good old traditional piece of paper.

Julie Molnar, CodeCombat Lead Curriculum Developer

Julie began her career in education as a high school teacher of foreign language in the Chicago Public School system. After earning an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and then an M.S. in Instructional Technology from Northwestern University, Julie worked in the Educational Publishing space for over 15 years, working at Houghton Mifflin, McGraw Hill and Pearson. Julie has authored several white papers on a variety of topics, including Assessment for Learning and Cultivating a Growth Mindset. Julie is extremely passionate about CodeCombat’s newest adventure, Ozaria, and is continually building on its success. As Julie gracefully manages both the Curriculum and Technical Support teams within the organization, her most recent endeavor is creating accredited Professional Development resources for the teachers we serve.

2021 Fireside Chat Schedule

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  • Making a Difference:  How to Give Back at an Early Age | December 3, 2021

This series is geared towards creating helpful dialog that helps parents, teachers and children thrive in our new technical world.

We cover various topics that all touch on technology and how our children can thrive.

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