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Cybersecurity is something that we need to focus more on in regards to our children!  They are more at risk now than ever, so we must provide them with basic tips to stay safe.

Join us as Bart McDonough (Founder & CEO of Agio) leads an engaging conversation and shares specific tools!

Fireside Chat

Bart McDonough, CEO & Founder of Agio

Bart McDonough is CEO and Founder of Agio, a hybrid managed IT and cybersecurity services provider specializing in servicing financial services.  Bringing more than 20 years of experience in business development, IT and cybersecurity management in the alternative investment industry, specifically, Bart’s core strengths are assessing, defining, advocating, and driving the adoption of risk management strategies, controls, and models.  His driving focus remains to enable organizations to advance technology and cybersecurity resiliency while successfully complying with evolving regulatory requirements, and behavioral transformations.  Bartcurrently sits on the board of two cybersecurity firms, TwoSense.AI and Magnus Cloud, and launched his debut book,Cyber Smart: Five Habits to Protect Your Family, Money, and Identity from Cyber Criminals,in early 2019. Prior to founding Agio, he held positions at SAC Capital Advisors, BlueStone Capital Partners, OptiMark Technologies, Sanford Bernstein and American Express.Bart attended the University of Oklahoma and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut. 

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Cyber Smart

In Cyber Smart, author Bart McDonough uses his extensive cybersecurity experience speaking at conferences for the FBI, major financial institutions, and other clients to answer the most common question he hears: “How can I protect myself at home, on a personal level, away from the office?” McDonough knows cybersecurity and online privacy are daunting to the average person, so Cyber Smart simplifies online good hygiene with five simple “Brilliance in the Basics” habits anyone can learn. With those habits and his careful debunking of common cybersecurity myths you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family from:

  • Identify theft
  • Compromising your children
  • Lost money
  • Lost access to email and social media accounts

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This series is geared towards creating helpful dialog that helps parents, teachers and children thrive in our new technical world.

We cover various topics that all touch on technology and how our children can thrive.

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